Online payday loan conclusion: these documents are required in NC!

If you are interested in a loan nowadays, usually gets smart with the help of the internet and looks for cheap loan offers. This is due to the fact that online loans are often considerably cheaper than so-called Branch loans compared to the credit terms. This is due, in particular, to the fact that advice from the Lender is often no longer necessary, especially in the case of simple loans, such as a installment loan, and that these saved consulting costs can be passed on to the customer in the Form of a cheaper online credit. As a customer, you […]

Credit for investment, thanks to securities lending

The most common view regarding the use of a loan is likely to be that of financing any more or less necessary acquisition. For example, a new car or even a house built, then the credit is the most frequently used type of financing. This is confirmed on a regular basis by numerous statistics and surveys of relevant specialist magazines. But with a loan, it is not just a car or even a house that can be financed. So powerful consumer uses low interest rates, as they are currently taking place, also for a kind of financing, which seems quite […]


If you change your Job or employer, or if you have found your way back to the world of work after a long period of unemployment, you will undoubtedly be able to combine this with a view to a now more positive future for a really good reason. But a career change has not only positive effects on one’s own life, but also temporarily its shadow sides – especially when it comes to taking out a loan for whatever reason. The stumbling block when taking a loan is called “probationary period”! But why is the probation time when taking a […]


25 years ago, the wall fell and the two German states separated up to this point became once again a common state. However, the differences between Germany and the former GDR are not completely balanced in all areas. In addition to the differences in wages that prevailed before, there are also differences in financial behaviour. For example, a large German online comparison portal has examined the credit behaviour of East German citizens with the West German citizen. The result of this study revealed that people in the East apply for less credit than people in the so-called “west” of the […]


There is hardly a day, on which we are not offered anywhere a product with a 0 percent financing, so a credit with 0 € interest charge for a new car, a new TV or other consumer goods. Be it on TV, on billboards on the street or in one of the numerous brochures that land Daily our mailbox-the offer is varied and equally seductive. Finally, this credit offer suggests that the consumer is a real bargain – no interest and also small monthly rates over a longer period of time to repay the credit. What more do you want […]


Without a doubt: Online loans in Germany is steadily growing in popularity and for good reason, because they are simple and can be implemented quickly, without the need for time-consuming running around and can also with a “Round-the-clock orderable” functionality. Peace, Joy And Egg Cakes? With no means, because Online loans have their hooks and these show nowhere more clearly than with the lending rates. This is especially true for those financial institutions that have specialised in the granting of Online loans. The current study by the German Institute for Service quality (DISQ) shows how serious these interest rate differentials […]


Sometimes there is a moment when we need money. And whether it’s a holiday, communion or a gift for a loved one, we face a dilemma. What will be better for us – credit or payday loan? At first glance, it may seem that they mean the same thing, but if we look closer to the topic, it turns out that appearance seemed deceptive. So what are the differences between these financial decisions: credit and loan? Although loan and credit are financial forms of support for the consumer who is not trying, but a lot of them are different. First, […]